Welcome to The Offical Website Of Juinagarcha Raja Ganeshutsav The most enthusiastic and divine festival of India. Every small corner of India celebrates this Festival with full of energy and forgetting all the worries in his or her life people come together and welcome  Lord Ganesha with all their hearts. 
Jai Bhavani Mitra Mandal (Juinagarcha Raja) is one of those Mandals Of Navi Mumbai which was established in 2002, by the people who want to bring unity in Juinagar. The regular schedule of the people living in Juinagar included daily traveling from train early in the morning and coming back home late night on the streets of Juinagar. The condition was so worst that the streets were unsafe for the people due to stray dogs, thieves, and many more Wild Animals. That was not over even the people didn’t know who was staying nearby them. In order to change this terrible situation, the elder members of our group struck up with the history of our Great Leader LOKMANYA TILAK, how he brought the idea of Ganesh Utsav at that time and brought the Indian People together. This idea was just like a Blessing in disguise and the people started working on it as soon as possible. Also, the People gave us a great response by taking active participation in the activity of Ganesh Utsav and that how Juinagarcha Raja made his existence in Juinagar in the year 2002.
This was a great initiative by the Mandal and this helped a lot of people to exchange their thoughts and views with each other and this helped Juinagar to take a step towards development. Juinagar now has become one of the most beautifully planned town as well as all the basic facility required for a normal human being to live.